Timber decking is an ever-increasingly popular addition to the garden, probably due to it being a relatively low cost feature which can add a lot of space, is aesthetically pleasing and needs little maintenance when completed. It is also quick to construct.

We love decking as it so versatile. It can be used to extend the living area of houses, is a fantastic way of bringing the home outside and the garden inside, can create fantastic landscape features and gives a warmer looking and cheaper alternative to stone features such as patios.

We have built decking for hundreds of customers and can finish both large and small projects quickly and with expertise. We have already created new open areas for clients who wish to use it as a sun spot, as a garden island, a balcony, a veranda and for intimate shady spots.

Everyone is unique and decking offers the flexibility to fit you. We will chat to you about what you want from your decking space, whether you want levels, what it will be used for, whether steps will need to be added, which wood you would prefer and whether you want any other services built in to the process such as gates, fencing, openings for fires or hot tubs, benches, ramps, privacy screens and so on. Once we have chatted through the options, we will get straight to work and deal with the whole task for you – from being on site when the materials arrive to leaving your outside space clean, tidy and ready for you to use immediately.

Our staff are all trained to take great care when working; balancing the need to get the job done as quickly as possible for you whilst also working around our schedule.

You can call us any time to chat through your requirements or to arrange a quote. Things to consider before embarking on a project like this and to help us advise you are:

  • What is the primary reason you want decking?
  • Where do you want the decking laid? Consider whether the deck will get the sun at the time of day you want to be using it, whether you want to be shaded in high summer or whether you want it away from the noise of the home.

Types of Material

Decking can be made from both softwood and hardwood. Types of softwood include Pine, Cedar, Redwood, Spruce, Hemlock and Fir. Common hardwoods used for wooden decking include Teak, Iroko, Ash, Beech and Sapele.


You may want to think about the colour you want from your decking. Dark wood can look striking against a light background but you may want the decking to be more subtle, flowing more with your outside space. The attractive colours of some hardwoods add greatly to their appeal. The rich, warm tones of hardwood decking often mean that no staining is necessary. However, the colour of softwood decking can be enhanced by using decking oil, or you can change the colour of the wood by using a stain.


Hardwood decking tends to be more expensive because the wood is imported from long distances. However, hardwood is generally more durable.


Wood decking needs to be durable because of the amount of use it gets and the weather conditions it will face. Hardwood decking is often heavier and denser and is therefore more durable than softwood but softwood, if treated professionally with preservative, can offer good longevity.

Hardwoods are often used for decking which will receive a lot of use such as a public garden or beer garden.

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